World peace starts with you!

Dear friends, members and families

The year 2019 saw our membership population rapidly increase thanks to the strong motive for peace and other poetic activities we have successfully organized.

In 2020, I want us all to continue in oneness, unity and peace the motto and image we’ve always achieved, to continue in this uniformity it is lucid that only proactive and up-front critiquing etiquette is a major way for us to grow together as a group, engagements so far are impressive, but we help each other out more to get better in their literary skills not by awards only but by critiques and positive compliments too. I offer a honest but objective, well-supported, and practical advice to all our would be member poets in 2020: you will be removed from our poetry platforms if we discover you have broken any of our rules nonchalantly or too visibly, Our 2020 members should send us their real picture for the leagues ID, if not real, the poet will forfeit any participation in our groups weekly ID contest.

The truth is we best grow with peace and unity with uniformity at it’s peak i commend the efforts of all administrators here and all engaging poets to continuously reinforce the message that no one is served when criticism is withheld; only focused, writing-centered (not writer-centered) commentary will help the writer grow.

Balogun Iyanu

Founder/ Executive Head.

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