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The Wrong Turn By Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“A riveting piece—Tracy’s suspense will have a lasting impact on the reader”

  • Best for: Fantasy Readers 
  • PG Rating: 16
  • Star Rating: 5 Stars
  • Date Published: 10th of February 2021
  • Book ASIN: 978-1954004597
  • Reviewer: Balogun Iyanu
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An impulsive first-person narrative! At the cross-roads of a confused life, Chike’s mind goes into solitary. He becomes a disgrace to his family due to his moral laxity which spiritual deliverance was ineffectual in changing. Out on a walk to reevaluate his life with deep thoughts on a ubiquitous humdrum day, Chike discovers a dilapidated building that mysteriously teleports him to the land of the dead. “It was like a magnetic field. They began to settle over me. They converged together, and began moving from my legs, circling to my head, until I was completely covered in the golden specks of dust”.

Chike has a life-altering choice to make: If he does not locate the exit within seven days, he forfeits his soul, or if he does find the exit, he will fulfill his purpose, but can he bring about a change to make things right in the Land of the dead? Whichever choice he makes, the world as he knows it and his life will forever be changed.

This wrong turn provides him with a distinguished destiny, one that could muster him enough courage to become a man if he could pass the test of the underworld in seven days. With responsibilities greater than his capabilities, Chike must save himself or be trapped in the land of the dead forever. This book is purely woven with chronological suspense, each ascending with a baritone of climax. Tracey takes you into Chike’s mind to envision his journeys as a series of panoramic instantaneous realities. The mad bridge test in the book is a monumental incipient that builds up Chike’s courage for the sea of nightmares, the region of hunger, the cave of decision, the region of the unfortunate, the region of destiny, the lake of refreshments, region of lost souls, the regions of deadly waters, and the regions of balance keepers. This is an adventure of horror that will intrigue readers on multilateral outcomes. Chike who is useless in the real world is ironically needed in the underworld to win a battle of greed and power. The balance keepers of the underworld want to usurp the role of the watchmen in order to take full control. This would lead to an inevitable war, souls meant for the underworld would not have access to it, thereby causing them to roam around on earth; causing chaos all around the world. A worthy recommendation to any fantasy reader!

Tracey’s writing skill is esoteric, her prosaic descriptive excellence would charm readers inspirations and keep your eyes open at night chasing each pages till its final end. Tracey’s picturesque polemical profundity has an ideal unique technique and signature. She explores horror from the thriller perspective and faces it with a coming of age setting, incumbent of flexible and rigid emotions.

About The Author: Author Tracey Chizoba Fletcher, born to a British father and a Nigerian mother, is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Whenever she isn’t having a quiet time in the presence of God, she can be found either reading a book belonging to the mystery or fantasy genre, watching movies, or listening to cool music. Tracey would love to hear from you. Comments and great conversations inspire her. You can check out her latest works on her website