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The Return By Gabriella Balcom

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Outstanding! — Balcom takes us to a world of robotic possibilities in this techno-thrillerr!”

  • Best for: Mashup Fiction Readers 
  • PG Rating: 13
  • Star Rating: 5 Stars
  • Date Published: 21st of March 2021
  • Book ASIN: 979-8725654813
  • Reviewer: Balogun Iyanu
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The year is 2027 and scientific advances have led to the creation of next generational robots been grown biologically and programmed with artificial intelligence with seemingly endless possibilities. The project is been funded by unknown investors who keep the lab as a compound hidden underground. The scientists are tasked with two projects, one is the Feline Service Unit, a robotic invention that was half flesh and artificial intelligence with modulated, programmed and largely computerized system with simplistic nuances. The FSU’s were made with two integral attributes — respect and subservience. The other was the Human Replica’s. Typically, called HR’s, created by DNA regeneration and replication the HR’s were capable to feel emotion, an integral part of their humanoid existence. Their fascination of possibilities was also not hidden. At each chapter of the book Gabriella takes us to a new time and chronological setting. However, things began to take an unavoidable turn when Dr Gertz dismisses Dr Steve Gruber while he was testing an HR-7975. To worsen matters, Dr. Janssen demotes by sending him to work on the Animal research during his suspension. Dr Steve wants his place back at all cost, even though it means partnering with an HR or FSU to execute his plans. Dr Steve is indebted to his work, he designed the first protocols for the robotic projects, he chose the parameters, made the enhancer used to push the intelligence of the projects to the maximum and was instrumental in increasing the HR’s intelligence by developing denser muscle clusters which gave HR’s a boosted strength and endurance. Dr Steve is set to strike a deal with a peculiar HR. HR-7975 will do anything for the certainty of freedom.

“By the time 2030 arrives, researchers have worked for a while with Human Replicas—HRs, as they’re more commonly known. Virtual prisoners with no rights, they’ve undergone extensive training in combat, survival techniques, and much more, but their training has ceased in favour of “missions” which have a high mortality rate.”

In a hidden complex fast-moving world Gabriella Balcom leaves the title “The Return”. A title that would rise readers curiosity who would want to continue this series. The deal is made between Dr Steve and HR-7975 and a plot twist comes into play. The HR’s fight for their rights, the investors are out-powered, locked as subservient primitive sapiens in the same bars they kept the HR’s, this new emerging race will now venture to build itself by the fabric of homeless human beings living in the slums of the world. It would become a colony of its own, a return of man in man’s image — a must recommend sci-fi thriller to anyone who love short sci-fi books!

Gabriella Balcom has proven herself to be a prolific techno storyteller. Her writing is immersive and would leave readers wanting to read more!

About The Author: Gabriella Balcom is an American author that lives in Texas. She writes fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance, literary fiction, and more. Her interests include; traveling, music, good shows, history, genealogy, and photography. She says she’s a sucker for a great story, loves forests, mountains, and back roads, and she has a weakness for lasagna, garlic bread, tacos, cheese, and chocolate. Gabriella has had 250+ works accepted for publication. In 2020, she was nominated for the Washington Science Fiction Association’s Small Press Award, she won second place in JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company’a Open Contract Challenge, and her books, Worth Waiting For and On the Wings of Ideals, we’re published.

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