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They Came By Night By Andrew Bathgate

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Extraordinary! — Bathgate’s characters are rigorously immersive!”

  • Best for: Dark Fantasy Readers 
  • PG Rating: 13
  • Star Rating: 5 Stars
  • Date Published: 13th of March 2021
  • Book ASIN: 979-8721159404
  • Reviewer: Balogun Iyanu
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In this medieval epic fantasy novel often compared to the HBO blockbuster series, Game of Thrones. They Came By Night is the book one of the Icor tales. Bathgate provides the reader with an interesting look at a fictitious world set 1,500 years after the fall of the ancients with their science, humanity now lives with medieval technology and with a magic provided by an artifact of the ancients called “Icor”. The atmospheric setting of the novel is balanced by magic, faith, truth and wizardry. The book begins with the coming of age chapter where thirteenth winter old Sam Ederstone began his transition into adulthood. Sam, a malnourished peasant farm boy is marshalled into a militia to fight against the northern barbarians led by their latest chief, the wizard Unmind. A mighty clash of wizards and their armies is inevitable. In a world of over twenty tribes with so much difference. Young and innocent Sam becomes the golden wizard, chosen by the icor to balance humanity putting an end to a war generations long.

“Bathgate’s richly imagined epic fantasy immerses the reader in a vibrant magical world whose peace has been shattered. The struggles of the people of the Ceniac Island are viewed through deeply dimensioned characters with massive battles and epic wizard duels. Victory comes from understanding what magic will allow and what it will punish. While the violence plays out there is a mystery secretly driving the war buried beneath a barren landscape where no creature lives, not even plants or insects, the ancients have buried something which will grant godlike power.”


For fans of dark fantasy fiction, this is a verified book with direct action, plot twists and worthy of recommendation even if it is the first dark fantasy book you are just starting out. It is exciting, lively and immersive at every turn. Bathgate’s research is extremely thorough, Bathgate does not miss any detail in the description of the tribes religious customs and obstinate desires. The rights of “primogeniture”, peasant farmers, hunting, custom practices, daily camp duties, the use of thralls, and women and their place in medieval society are set with distinction. Sam’s rise to greatness shows that everyone can achieve it if they are on the right path. His adventures, however, are inspiring. At some points, I would have preferred an apt description than a trimmed down description, especially of the medieval setting, but that would have made the book even incredibly longer. It has everything a dark fantasy fan desires; wizardry, love and honour, trust, battle, friendship, a fictitious Ceniac Island as well as the equipotent right to recommend it!

Andrew Bathgate writing skill has an inspiring literary quality, his fans may see it has an immersive retrograde, but Bathgate’s skills speaks more, he brings fantasy stories to life in a way that they can be evaluated and represented by the present world.

About The Author:

Born in Scotland, he grew up in Iran, England and Wales and currently lives with his wife and two Children in California, Andrew was trained in computer counter espionage by British Military Intelligence during the cold war and uses his skills as an Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security consultant. He is deeply philosophical, Christian and inspired by Eastern Religions.

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