Big News From Reedsy!

Over 1 million writers use reedsy!

And today,

We are excited to announce that our two writing competitions, “TLOP Anthology of Contemporary Writers 2022”, and “The TLOP Weekly Contest” have now been rated with a five star badge as one of the best writing competitions of 2022! The competition for our annual anthology has received this rating and our weekly contest for literary creativity has also received this rating from the independent Reedsy review site. We thank the Reedsy team, the TLOP editorial team and our consistent authors who made these award possible!

Our Competition Link:

  1. TLOP Anthology of Contemporary Writers 2022
  2. The TLOP Weekly Contests

Reedsy Award Link: HERE

As a literary organisation committed to world peace, we are always looking forward to new ideas and ways to promote and support our writers in every best way possible. Thank you for being a part of our community and keep up the good work.

With Thanks,

The TLOP Editorial Team

The League of POETS

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