TLOP Weekly Contest Week 1 Winners Announcement

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Last week our jury asked for poetry/short stories that illustrates an intriguing purpose and we are happy to have recieved amazing entries from across the world. We also thank our writers for taking their time to craft reminisces dear to them, it is with this pleasure we announce the winners of last week’s contest.

Over 350 submissions from 77 countries marks the successful beginning of the TLOP Weekly Contests.

Below is our final winners list for Week 1


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Overall Winner

“Life In Time” By Rachel Pawling — United States.


  • “Hope’s Walk” By Anthony McMillan (United States).
  • “Dreams” By Saima Qureshi (Pakistan).
  • “When I Can Breathe” By Flo Au (China).
  • “Take A Wise Decision” By Tshering Wangchuk (Bhutan).
  • “Two Faces Measure One Stranger” By Lorena Ivanković (Croatia).


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Overall Winner

“Rakish Bird” By Cody Outcast — China.


  • “Where Is Grandpa?” By Manaly Talukdar (India).
  • “Cracked Frog” By Mahesh Nair (United States).
  • “Untitled” By Else Copeland (Untitled).
  • “Looking For Differences In Similarities” By Xueli A. Abbing (Netherlands).
  • “Mandate” By Mariam Olajide (Nigeria).


  • All certificates will be awarded on 19th of July 2022
  • Theme for next week’s contest will be published on the 19th of July 2022
  • All winning entries will be published on our website on the 19th of July 2022, and be available for readers and new participants of our weekly contest from time to time.

Once again, our thanks goes to all participants from across the world. We can’t wait to read your works again next week!

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