TLOP Weekly Contest

Week 2 Winners Announcement

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Last week we asked readers to write about inequality and We were immediately inspired by the raw entries we recieved. With touching, thought-provoking, and even humorous entries, week 2 began with a promise.

Ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, and Confucius believed that inequality leads to injustice. In his Nicomachean Ethics book series, Aristotle famously wrote that “To be ignorant of what standards to follow in social life and how to achieve them is a leading source of all evils…. It is not possible for everyone to have everything he wants.” Confucius also believed that people should accept their station in life without resentment. He once said, “When you meet with success in your endeavor, ask yourself… whether your heart was pure? Did you sell yourself for the right price?”

Inequality can be measured based on perception, what is acceptable and what is not. For week 2 we recieved a high number of entries with a raw definition on how they paint the idea of inequality.

Poetry Winner

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“In The Eyes Of Poverty” By Joel Aparecio Bernasor from The Philippines

Short Story Winner

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“You Don’t Own Me” By Karina Bimanova from Kazakhstan

NOTE: Theme for next week’s contest has now been published. All winning entries will be published on our website after winners confirmation, and be available for readers and new participants of our weekly contest from time to time.


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