Welcome To The New TLOP

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We know you’ve been waiting for an update on our restructuring, and we’re sorry it took so long…

The League of POETS is excited about the new changes and we hope that you are too. We have been working hard on this project, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Firstly, we’ve updated the outlook of our website and our privacy policy settings, and we’re going to continue to add new promotional services for authors as we begin in full swing. We promise that you’ll see even more frequent updates from now on!

As for the payment query failures for the TLOP Anthology of Contemporary Writers 2022, our team is working on making writers submit their works in a more easy and convenient way with our service provider. We again apologise for the inconvenience to writers who are still unable to participate in the competition. We will make an announcement once the submission process runs smoothly for everyone from anywhere across the world.

In making our website an ultimate toolkit for writers to hone their craft our team has come together to publish a book that will be for free and available for download on our website. The book which is already in the stages of completion will comprise down-to-earth teachings on how writers can groom their writing, master their writing craft and promote it. It will also help writers in publishing their works, either they choose to self-publish or traditionally publish.

Each year, we discover writers and show their immense gifts to the world. We are shifting the paradigm and are committed to creating a platform where writers can use as an ultimate toolbox to develop, master and promote their craft .

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