TLOP Interviews Rachel Pawling

Rachel Pawling, is a multiple company owner, wife, and mother. She has her Master’s Degree in Business Management with an Emphasis in Entrepreneurship. Rachel has always had a passion for writing. She started writing poems, short stories, and songs in elementary school. This past year she decided to focus on her writing career. She opened her own publishing company, published her first children’s book “Fever Fairy”, and is now using her skills to help young children by offering publishing and writing classes at the local school. Writing has always been a form of artistic expression for Rachel and she is excited to share this with others.

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Good day dear members of The League of POETS, today we wrap up the TLOP Weekly Competition from the first week to the third week.

The TLOP Weekly Competition began with a huge number of entries, over 350 entries from 77 countries in the first week. our jury asked for poetry and short stories that illustrates an intriguing purpose and we were happy to have recieved amazing entries from across the world.

Today we interview Rachel Pawling, our poetry overall winner of the week 1 contest.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hi, I’m Rachel. I am a wife and mother to two beautiful girls. I own a construction company with my husband and I own my own publishing company. Honestly, I always just pictured myself as a stay at home mother. I never thought I could find in the balance between work and having kids.

What Inspired you to start writing?

It’s quite a lot. Yet after my first daughter was born, I realized that being a mom didn’t mean I had to give up who I was. Being a mom meant being the very best version of myself and showing my daughters that they have the strength to do anything if they work hard, trust God and don’t give up. So in my mid to late twenties, I decided to go back to school and I completed my bachelor’s degree, then my master’s degree in business management. I’ve always loved writing. It’s kind of been my therapy way of life. I write for everything. Then the Pandemic happened. Like a lot of other people, my world was completely turned upside down. So I wrote.

I ended up writing a children’s book for my eldest daughter who was a bit terrified by the situation and everything that was going on. The book is called; Fever Ferry. It’s to help young children cope with the fear that surrounds sickness during and even after the pandemic, or just in general. I was motivated to start my own publishing company through this and found an amazing artist and launched this book in less than six months. And here I am now.

Our construction company actually survived the pandemic and is doing great. And so now I’m able to focus on my writing and publishing career. What inspired me to start writing? Well, when I was younger, I was a child who always had big emotions. Maybe you just saw the world a little bit differently.

I had a deep empathy and writing always just helped me make sense of it. My great grandfather, he had a friend named Bonnie and she gave me my first poem notebook and she really encouraged me and told me just to keep writing and just use this notebook. So I did. And I still do. I have tons and tons of journals and notebooks.

What Inspired you to participate in the TLOP Weekly contest?

I write to make sense of things, paying from losses I felt or just to express my joys. And I honestly write with the hope to inspire others, to help them find the words for their feeling, to know that they’re not alone. I write in hopes that every day will be better than the next day and that my children will live in a world better than my own. What inspired me to participate in the contest? Well, I recently started focusing on my writing career and I found the TLOP Weekly contest on Reedsy.

How do you feel to be amongst the winners of the TLOP Weekly Contest?

So to be honest, I never really thought my work would even stand out. I mean, I know it made me feel and I just didn’t know if it would convey the same convictions to others. But I thought about how my little brother, he recently took a major leap in his own career, way out of his comfort zone. And I thought, my little brother can do it. Well, I can do it too.

So I looked at it, I saw the requirements, I saw what the inspiration was for the contest, and I thought I had the perfect poem I had been recently working on. So I fixed it up. I submitted it, if anything, just to get over my fear of the vulnerability of being judged for my art, never expecting to fully win. So now on to feeling. How did I feel to be amongst the winners of the contest?

I am humbled and honored. There are so many talented writers all over the world, and to be amongst the winners, there’s just not words. And for someone who uses words, that says a lot. So it has just honestly inspired me to continue writing and just validated my pursuit as a writer. Some achievements in my writing career.

Can you tell us more about your writing career? (Books you’ve published, writing achievements etc).

Well, this is my very first poem that’s being published and I submitted, though I have notebooks full of them. So this is not something new writing. But I do have my own publishing company that I just started this year, and I want to use it to be able to not only help me, but help other writers get their work out there and even coach if necessary. I recently published Fever Ferry, which is internationally available on Amazon, and it’s soon going to be in hard copies on Barnes and Noble. I’m also helping children to pursue their writing passion with an after school program that I’m a part of.

I would honestly say this is the beginning of my writing career. It may be a little later coming, but I just want to acknowledge that I was honored to be part of such an amazing platform. And I think this is the start to do amazing things and I can hope to continue to grow and become a better writer and continue to inspire others. Where would readers who want to hear more about my writing and reach me? Well, you can reach me on several different platforms.

Where can readers who would love to read your writing reach you?

If you’re looking for coaching or selfpublication, you can reach out to my website, it’s Or you can find me on Instagram. It’s the Polling Publishers. That’s how you find me. I will be posting future writings on there and things I’ve been working on.

I’m actually working or collaborating with an artist to create some video art for this actual poem because it’s so I just am very proud of it. So, yeah, you can check that all there. Thank you so much for listening. And I just want to say thank you to TLOP for giving me this amazing honor and thank you.

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