TLOP Facebook Poetry Choice Awards 2020


World peace starts with you! Dear friends, members and familiesThe year 2019 saw our membership population rapidly increase thanks to the strong motive for peace and other poetic activities we have successfully organized.In 2020, I want us all to continue in oneness, unity and peace the motto and image we've always achieved, to continue in … Continue reading TLP VISION 2020


TLOP has hereby appointed Rahim Karim (Karimov) of Kyrgyzstan as the chief judge/jury for our Covid-19 Relief Competition today on May 15th 2020. Rahim Karim shall oversee the judging process of the relief competition. Biography: Rahim Karim (Karimov) - Uzbek-Russian-Kyrgyz Soviet poet, writer, publicist, translator (b. 1960, s.Osh, Kyrgyzstan). Graduate of the M. Gorky Moscow … Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT


With wide quality entries from 105 countries of the world SOPBAOCP 2020 is a big success! Songs of Peace: World's Biggest Anthology 2020 is indeed the biggest competition ever organized in the poetry world for peace. It has the solid backing of over 126 international poetry groups/organizations and peace organizations. The top websites currently backing … Continue reading SOPWBAOCP 2020