TLOP has hereby appointed Rahim Karim (Karimov) of Kyrgyzstan as the chief judge/jury for our Covid-19 Relief Competition today on May 15th 2020. Rahim Karim shall oversee the judging process of the relief competition. Biography: Rahim Karim (Karimov) - Uzbek-Russian-Kyrgyz Soviet poet, writer, publicist, translator (b. 1960, s.Osh, Kyrgyzstan). Graduate of the M. Gorky Moscow … Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT


Promoting relief, hope and peace in corona virus affected areas. Days ago when I took on the purpose of getting more information of the countries that suffered the severity of Covid-19. Tears dripped out of my eyes, I was shattered, broken hearted not majorly because of the increasing number of cases but because of the … Continue reading THE TLOP COVID-19 MOVEMENT 2020


With wide quality entries from 105 countries of the world SOPBAOCP 2020 is a big success! Songs of Peace: World's Biggest Anthology 2020 is indeed the biggest competition ever organized in the poetry world for peace. It has the solid backing of over 126 international poetry groups/organizations and peace organizations. The top websites currently backing … Continue reading SOPWBAOCP 2020