Call For Entries: TLOP Anthology Of Contemporary Writers 2022

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During the Victorian period, the industrial revolution spurred a massive social, political, and economic process of change. Attracted and repelled by this transformation, writers produced an explosion of essays, novels, poems

Extracted from the Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature

For this year’s much awaited TLOP Anthology Contest, we are looking for poetry and short story entries that edify the theme of industrialism. We want entries that defines the new age of our global village.

Over the years, we have created competitions and anthologies that concentrated on the theme of peace, this year’s contest won’t be an exception as we want every entry to preach positivity. Though satiric positivity is allowed, we are looking for poets and short story writers to craft a transgenerational poem that will be evergreen for the next hundred years. This year, we want to read entries that hits home and is dear to us. We want entries that are globally oriented with an evident theme that is direct or indirect.

2022 Poetry And Short Story Theme: Industrial Revolution

This year’s competition has been rated as one of the best writing competitions of 2022 by

Last year we received a total of 8,909 submissions from 144 countries for the VOP Anthology. In 2020, we received over 6000 entries from 134 countries for the SOPWBAOCP 20 Anthology. This year our jury is looking for 100 winners and we can’t wait to start reading your entries!

Submission Page:

Follow the link below to submit your entries:

Rules & Regulations:

  • Entry fee per poetry/short story submission is $2.
  • All entries must be in English.
  • All entries must be well edited before submission.
  • Entries must be originally written and upublished before.
  • Entrants MUST be above 17 years of age. Our “Contemporary Anthology” is open to all countries.
  • Contest deadline is 25th September 2022. (UK Time) We accept only one poem per poet or one short story per writer in a single submission. A poet or short story writer may submit a poem and short story in a single submission. Poets or short story writers can submit entries as much as they like, however. We would like participants to submit quality entries.
  • We are unable to confirm every submission, hence, do send us the final version of your work only.
  • After payment form submission all entries will be redirected to a form for Re-Submission in order to confirm the authenticity of entries recieved.
  • All poems must not exceed 14 lines in length (excluding title) while short stories must not exceed 500 words in length.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I submit more than one poem?
    • Yes, you can. But you must submit them separately or your submission won’t be accepted.
  • When is the competition deadline?
    • 25th of September 2022 (11:59 pm UK Time)
  • How many poets will be published?
    • 100 Poets will be published
  • How many poets will be awarded?
    • Every entrant will be awarded with a certificate of participation and the top 100 winners will be awarded with certificates of publication.
  • How many poets will recieve a copy of the anthology?
    • All participants will recieve a free digital copy of the anthology. By participating, you are guaranteed to recieve a free copy either you are among our winners or not.
  • Is the competition for all countries?
    • Yes it is, our competitions are always international. We invite participants from all across the world.
  • Can I submit flash fiction?
    • Yes, if its align with the theme.
  • Are you going to confirm our entries if they are authentic or not?
    • Yes, after submitting your entry using the payment form, all entrants will be redirected to a link where we check the authenticity of entries recieved for Re-Submission and Confirmation of each entry.
  • Can I submit an entry I have submitted to the TLOP weekly contests?
    • Please note, you cannot submit an entry you have submitted there as a submission for this anthology. It will be declined as we are only accepting originally unpublished poems.

Entries CLOSED!

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