This page is STRICTLY for the members of the ENGLISH POETS Facebook group. This initiative has been implemented to promote peace poetry on a broader landscape projected by one of our anthologies awardee from the Philippines, Kevin Montoya.

©Photo Copyright Facebook: Kevin Montoya, a winner of SOPWBAOCP 20.

Kevin Montoya is one of our winner of “SOPWBAOCP 20” which is the abbreviated name for “Songs of Peace: The World’s Biggest Anthology of Contemporary Poetry 2020” this competition for the below anthology saw a global participation of 139 countries with a spike of 26,000 engagements.

This post is a testimony that we do a follow-up on our anthology winners all-around the globe. TLOP will always actively support the promotion of peace poetry by any of our competition awardees.

TLOP will support the painstaking and tireless goal of our winners who contribute to our mission in promoting poetic peace. Therefore, giving FREE digital copies to members of one of our winners peace poetry community is a further corroboration of this.

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To English Writers members,

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We will give free copies only to REVIEWERS, because by reviewing the book you are helping us spread the poetic message of peace the book themes about.

To know what the book is all about, below is the foreword of the book. Also, we want you to know that if you received the anthology and it didn’t go down well with you, you can delete or edit your review on Amazon. For now good luck with the review thanks for helping us spread the message.


Greeting my dearly beloved brothers and sisters, The League of Poets, is a renowned poetry
organization effectively and efficiently participating in the worldwide community of poets. It
proliferates ethics, and integrity through dynamic literary essence uplifting and inspiring
worldwide humanity with dignity, honor and respect. The league is an international poetry
organization, committed to promote world peace through literature. Since 2018, it has grown to an
international presence of dynamic and impressive poets. It has enthusiastically organized
anthologies, poetry video contests, and a variety of distinctive poetry competitions worldwide for
everyone’s participation and appreciation.
Congratulations to each of you with your inspirational poetry submissions for being a part of this
visionary excellence of “Promoting World Peace through Poetry.” This is one of the organizational
missions, visions, and historical approach to achieve world peace through poetry. With its
administrators residing in Nigeria, Hong Kong, India, United States of America, Bhutan, Kenya,
United Kingdom and the Philippines, the League takes it as a prodigious honor to launch the
world’s first largest quantitative, and most edifying qualitative anthology of contemporary poetry
for 2020, “Song of Peace.” This is created, assembled, to be made available for your reading and
pleasure, uplifting the acquisition of prolific poetry knowledge and skills through freely given
experience, years of study, and/or by being taught online.
“Songs of Peace,” is the most substantial poetry competition for the first time, and is the most
voluminous contemporary poetry anthology in the world. Entries were received from thousands of
poets around the planetary sphere consisting of 139 countries. They are from far-flung nations
such as: Vietnam, Romania, Mexico, South Korea, Mauritius, United States of America, Greece,
and many others. A body of dedicated poets was diligently selected, and decided to inquire into all
matter of facts, and to give their decisions according to the evidence before them.
These jurists had undergone the arduous task of selecting one-thousand winners from all the entries
received. It’s was the League’s greatest pleasure to publish the top one-thousand poetic winners,
in a normal presentation at its gracious administrative headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, on February
10, 2020, on its informational domain—website. It is great to see poets from all around the world
demonstrating inspiring feelings and showing uplifting pleasure and satisfaction in participating
for a global peace cause. This should satisfy existing anxiety knowing the names and countries selected and unifying decision of the jurists assembled cementing the performance of the endeavor.

This published anthology can be ordered universally in print and e-book online. The anthology
will be translated into the ten most spoken languages of the world with a global free online
distribution of copies. Honorary certificate of life-time achievement was issued to each of the one thousand poets emerging as winners from this historic precedence.
“Song of Peace,” an anthology promoting world peace through literature, a first of its kind, is
packed with eloquent words of inspiration, uplifting the mind, body and soul. The proliferation of
poetic language from the emerging era articulated by the one-thousand poets selected is: distinctly
creative, clearly stimulates the senses, sharply innovative, cleverly invented, precisely ingenious,
and unmistakably imaginative. These poets, and their poetic articulations are an expressive
necessity and a must read—instantaneously!
They demonstrate the critical conventions of: English literature, creative writing, poetry, evolution
of critical thinking, and excellence of thoughts, words, and deeds. Additionally, they bestow the
quintessence of: analogy, emphasis, imagery, metaphor, rhyming sequencing, tense, active verbs,
cliché, syllable, narration, personification, description, enjambment, and many more principles and
architectural construction of poetic embodiment, pattern, stanza, form, style and semblance ever
My dearest thanks and appreciation are conveyed with much respect and high esteem to the
following dynamic organizers, jurists, administrators, and moderators, for their due diligence in
ensuring the initiation and completion of this first of a kind, and monumental worldwide anthology
instituting and signifying this precedence of poetic preeminent proportion.
God said “My peace I give unto you.” Therefore, live in peace, proliferate peace, and walk
in the path of peace with love and happiness!

His Excellency,
Dr. Amb. Prof. Joseph S. Spence, Sr., USA (Epulaeryu Master).