Songs Of Peace (Part B)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The world’s biggest poetry anthology of contemporary, the peace unison”

“One of the greatest success ever published in the literary world. The first start to attaining world peace”
–Segun Joshua,
Founder of Vesyjosh

A Moama poet Oliver Douglas in year 12 featured…
“We learned about World War I towards the end of Year 11 and the Battle of the Somme was part of that. So I decided to write about that.”

“Over 26,000 engagements, and winners from 139 nations, Songs of Peace is now the world’s biggest poetry anthology”

“I woke up to the good news”, says Sukanya, “the first unread email in my inbox said, ‘Congratulations!
You have made your nation proud! You are a Grand prize winner of SOPWBAOCP 2020, A competition for poem publication in the world’s biggest anthology of contemporary poetry. ‘, I’m so glad. This news came right after my poetry was declared ‘literary’ by critic Yu.”

“One of the greatest anthologies of all time”