You made it happen! With a wide interest reach and reactions from over 26,000 poets from all over the world. We are glad to announce that the poetry competition SOPWBAOCP 2020 was a globally accepted competition for peace with backings of 100 plus poetry organizations. SOPWBAOCP 2020 numbers historical participants from 139 nations of the world making it the biggest poetry competition of contemporary poets not just in the 21st Century, but in the whole of history. Congratulations to you for promoting world peace with us, for not just making your nation proud, but for making your school and family proud!

We hope this anthology will impact all nations of the world, all young and old that reads this book and all who help preach the peace within the pages of this anthology to the world.

REMEMBER: If you’re yet to get your certificate, all certificates have now been published on our facebook page, you can find them HERE