Since the offshoot of modern poetry, poetry has been written, energized, and sustained as authentic by literary scholars. Its settings, motifs, idioms, and images which are found uniquely in different poets are based on their down-to-earth symbolic messages. In fostering that peculiarity among different poets Balogun created The League Of POETS, inspired by the discrimination in poetry societies at that time, many poetry groups accepted poets from a particular region or locality, at least not until he was a member of Motivational
Strips. Balogun founded the League and this anthology was the result of a contest made to make the crux that the unity and membership of poets from all around the world is most pivotal if poetry is to pilot on innumerable planes. In this anthology, surely a pleasant experience, memorable entertainment, and a broader perspective of life await readers and the singers of this collection. Of course, a good poem is meant to cleanse the soul with an electrifying aura. Hence, to meet this high expectation, Balogun has made Wendy Ronhausen and Williamsji Maveli, two poets with high philosophical sagacity preside as judges for the anthology competition. I believe all winning poems exhibited unique peculiarities and these peculiarities are one of the mandatory reasons this contest was made.

My congrats goes to the writers of this winning poems, and to all potental winners round the glober!

B. T. Success (Founder, Impacting Life)