VOP South America Edition

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In what turned out to be a vibrant enthralling successful competition, and our first ever intercontinental poetry and short story anthology competition, we are glad to have promoted peace in such an insightful way, we thank everyone that played a part in helping us achieve this monumental feat. The competition received 8,909 engagements from 144 nations of the world. It is deemed that poets and writers are real peace advocates as this collection stands as a worthy testimony. The anthology was published for the purpose of sharing the beauty of peace messages in a modicum of truth understandable to all, from poets and short story writers in South America to the entire world. This poetry collection helps to define the nativity and unity of peace among South Americans, with the need to find, have and rediscover it. Poetry is life and the short stories contained within these historic pages helps to corroborate and reverberate that life in tremendous ways.