Every Writer’s Toolbox

Every Writer’s Toolbox

We are home to writers from over 170 countries across the globe who continue to promote the critical advancement of peace through their literary skills in participating in our literary promotional activities!


We help new upcoming writers voices get heard!

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We support humanitarian, and world peace movements.

From the Iran uprisings to the Kashmir Lives Matter movements, our poets across the globe are painstakingly supporting crucial global peace movements across the globe!

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“The proliferation of poetic language from the emerging era articulated by the one-thousand poets selected is: distinctly creative, clearly stimulates the senses, sharply innovative, cleverly invented, precisely ingenious, and unmistakably imaginative. These poets and their poetic articulations are an expressive necessity and a must-read–instantaneously!”

Dr. Joseph Spence Sr. (On The League of POETS publishing the world’s biggest poetry anthology)

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