We are an international poetry organization that is committed to promote world peace through literature. Since 2018, we have grown to a global picture of poets worldwide and have organized anthologies, poetry video contest, and poetry competitions worldwide, we have our administrative headquarters in Nigeria, Hong Kong, India, United States of America, Bhutan, Kenya, United Kingdom and Philippines.

“Poetic peace is a crucial approach to attaining true peace, we at TLOP are committed to that!”

-Balogun Iyanu (Founder, The league of POETS”

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“The league of POETS is evidently one of the world’s most promoters of peace through poetry, been a member of such prestigious community is a life time achievement on it’s own”

-Femi B. Emmanuel (CEO) BaloArt


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Our World

Individual Attention

We build a hub of poets where poets can relate, share ideas and grow together!

Helping poets grow.

The best place for poetry prizes, contest and awards. We are here to help the poet grow poetically and literally and most of all internationally.

Free Book Review.

We offer free poetry book review as long as there meet our standard policies.

Recommendation from distinguished poets all around the world.


“It is an exemplary effort to promote the literary cause in the world, also a wider platform for displaying literary creative excellence”

― Shiv Raj Pradhan,
Peace Embassador,

“Very uselful for poets to get (literally) upgraded”

― Williamsji Maveli,
World Union Of Poets Knt Bortolazzi,

A great platform to share thoughts through poetry, connect with poets all over the world and interact with them”

― Dr Rinzin Rizin,
Author, Poet and Scholar.


Our Success


Since we opened in 2018 we’ve seen over 3000 poets all over the world member our cause to promote world peace.


Since we opened in 2018 we’ve seen over 3000 poets all over the world member our cause to promote world peace.


Two awesome years of promoting poetic peace!

About Us

We are The league of POETS, an international organization committed to promoting world peace through poetry.



99 Education Way
Igando, Lagos GXVM+89

© The league of POETS 2019

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